Got an empty wall or room to divide? The kiloWatt-Hour and the kiloWatt are stackable crates that will provide you with large and great-looking storage. The kiloWatt is a full-size display cabinet that displays anything you need it to. It will store and display your sound system, artwork or books. But also your paperwork (fits standard binders), your physical media (fits records well) or your booze, even if you’re a thirsty type.

The kiloWatt comes in all seasonal colors, so you can either fill your entire wall with kiloWatts in your favorite color or mix and match colors to your heart’s desire. But stand-alone the kiloWatt works equally well, it’s a signature piece in every interior. Easily stackable up to four or five high, we do recommend securing them to the wall once you go higher then 2 levels. Have a kiloWatt but decided you need a drawer instead? The kiloWatts can be retrofitted the kiloWatt-Hours drawer, turning your kiloWatt in a kiloWatt-Hour.

The kiloWatt is an abstract composition of four sides and a back. Looking equally sharp from the front, side or back. This makes the kiloWatt and kiloWatt-Hour extremely suitable to serve as a room-divder with tons of storage. The simplicity of form combined with our 0.1mm precision guarantees a piece of furniture which you can enjoy for decades.

Free shipping within the Netherlands.

The kiloWatt ships in 2-3 business days.



+ lifetime warranty on structural integrity
+ made of durable wood
+ 100% natural oil finish
+ easy to clean surfaces
+ made in the NL
+ ships flat packĀ (qualifies as large item)
+ easy assembly without glue, nails or screws


Soft Grey

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