The kiloNewton is our sturdy and clean lined dining table. The eye-catching design with numerous striking details and premium materials and construction (without the use of screws or glue off course) make the kiloNewton an instant favorite of many. The HPL (High Pressure Laminate) table top is very hard-wearing and easy to clean and comes in all our seasonal colors. The kiloNewton was designed to comfortably accommodate 4 dining chairs but it can fit up to six, while being compact enough to fit in all but the smallest of dining rooms.

Free shipping within the Netherlands.

The kiloNewton ships within 2 weeks.



+ lifetime warranty on structural integrity
+ made of durable wood
+ 100% natural oil finish
+ made in the NL
+ ships flat packĀ (requires special transport)
+ easy assembly without glue, nails or screws


Soft Grey

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