The kiloJoule is the kiloWatt’s little square brother. Suitable for all kinds of applications, from side table to TV-stand. We personally like using a pair of Joule’s as bedside tables but they can also be paired and stacked to store books or display your favorite collectables. Don’t let the modest size fool you, with it’s 18mm birch construction the kiloJoule is one solid and sturdy piece of furniture, that can easily withstand the weight of two of your heaviest family-members.

This kiloJoule-door version comes with high quality hinges as well as push-to-open and soft close-action and allows for the storage of stuff you might not want on display for everyone to see.

Free shipping within the Netherlands.

The kiloJoule-door ships in 1-3 weeks.



+ lifetime warranty on structural integrity
+ made of sustainably harvested and durable birch plywood with HPL toplayers
+ 100% natural oil finish
+ easy to clean surfaces
+ made in the NL
+ ships flat pack (qualifies as small item)
+ easy assembly without glue, nails or screws


Soft Grey

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